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"Photography has nothing to do with cameras."

-Lucas Gentry


H E Y  B A Y  B A Y!


I'm Yee Won Wilkey, the face behind Wonderly Creative! I'm a 5ft. nothing li'l Chinese Malaysian American from Chattanooga, TN. I'm an enneagram 7, the JOYFUL person, and I live my life hoping to find the joy in every corner. 

I'm a generally super happy human. I'm loving, responsible (hey-o taxes), and I watch way too many dog videos on IG. 

I never expected to be a photographer. I went to college for journalism and ended up in a photojournalism class, and absolutely fell in love. Not just with learning how to capture a good photo, but how to capture a moment and tell a story. It's a way to care for people. My professor taught us that telling people's stories is one of the most important things we can do, and I haven't stopped running with that since. "Photography has nothing to do with cameras," because it's really about people. It's about being human. It's about being kind and genuine and humbly walking into life with someone, exactly where they stand, exactly as they are. Now I get to capture some of the most precious moments of a couple's story: the beginning of their marriage, and that still freakin' blows my mind. I have the honor and joy of walking into life with a couple, and freezing moments in time exactly as they are--exactly as YOU are--so you can remember yourselves this way on this day forever.



If ya wanna know more 'bout me...

1. My name is pronounced "E-won" (because it's totally ok to ask!) ;)

It's true, the "Y" really makes it confusing! I asked my momma what it meant and she told me she kind of made it up, but it also kind of means a hundred million dollars, so who knows -- maybe she's onto something LOL

2. I am married to the best man in all the land, Blake, my high school sweetheart!

We were married in Feb. of 2017 and my life is infinitely better because of this guy. He's also co-owner of Wonderly Creative, and deals with a lotta the money, budgets, and behind the scenes stuff. Some of our favorite things to do together are going to Easy Bistro for oysters and french fries (OK, they have this aioli dipping sauce and it’s just FI), long afternoon coffee dates (Niedlovs is our current Chattanooga fav), and just plain ol' couchin' it up at our house with The Office, the Bachelor, or Marvel movies. The Lord brought him to me when I had sworn off dating. I was just a junior in high school who accidentally fell in love with the flippy haired boy in my algebra class. It was always him ❤️


3. Blake and I adopted a 5yr old, 65lb English bulldog named Bernice, and she is the weirdest, loviest, mushiest dog ever. 


4. I watch wayyyyy too much TV. Like I love TV so much. 

I've probably seen The Office all the way through maybeeee 15x? I put it on repeat a lot while I'm working or doing stuff around the house, but I always stop to watch the last episode (if you're a When Michael's There only Office watcher, well we're just gonna have to talk about that) and I cry every time. I've incorporated too many Office quotes into my life, there's really no turning back now. I get really loyal with shows 😂I've seen HIMYM maybe 7x through, New Girl 5x and I've FINALLY finished Parks and Rec. Hence all the easter egg quotes throughout my website!

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5. I'm genuinely obsessed with Jeni's Icecream.

I don't know how it started. I just know that I love Jeni's so so so much, and there's nothing anyone could ever do to change it. If I could be Jeni's Icecream..... well, I would highly consider it. 

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Oh man, are you still here? Haven't run you off yet? Well it's your turn now, tell me about you!!